Samba Music and Dance


Many have come to appreciate the samba music and dance as a unique genre. It is the best known Afro-Brazilian music. It is a blend of two cultures that is, Portuguese and Brazil.

The word Samba is derived from the Angolan word Samba which means an invitation to dance. In other places it is known as pray. The dance involves the hip movement. Many say that this dance has its roots in Congo and Angola. It evolved in 1953 in Rio de Janeiro where everything is magical. During this time the Portuguese had colonized the Brazil country and the Brazilians were slaves. It became a popular dance in the slaves dance parties and before they knew it, it became a popular style in the South America continent.

It has evolved over time with different styles and forms. It has evolved from the drum orchestras played during carnivals to sensuous Samba Cancao which is the most popular at this era. It also evolved to bossa nova music, this was created to give identity to middle class white men. Some other Samba music evolved to disco, samba pagoda, samba reggae and Samba rock. Others forms of samba are Samba de breque this is choppier in form. One that is performed in the carnivore are samba enredo.

danceThe modern ballroom which originated from Europe has also borrowed some styles, from the Afro-Brazilian dance. With all the different styles and forms of samba, the one thing they all have in common is the unique rhythm. It has this unique costume that has a lot of decoration and is shiny, this add up to the excitement when shaking the hips.
It has different instruments that are used to play the samba this include the bass drum to create the consistent beats. It also has a snare drum and a whistle (apito) that is used in the beginning and end of the music. It also different types of bells. An apito is also used to produce one rhythm then the other instruments respond by using a different rhythm. It was called a call and response section.

Some of the most famous stars known for the samba recordings include Elza Soares who is known as the ‘queen of Samba’. Another great artiste is Zeca Pagodino who is good in Samba Pagode which is a more modern type of Samba.

Today there are many places that offer training for you to be a samba dancer or singer. They can train you for your special moments including anniversary or wedding. It is a very interesting dance that you can explore and have fun in your special day.


There are also talented bands who can play the samba music weddings making a feel of the carnivore event which is usually held in Rio once in a year. You get the chance to pick the songs you want. It is the best choice for the wedding feast or after dinner.

If you are not interested in dancing, you can get dancers who could move their hips to make your day the most beautiful moment you will never forget. Samba is the great dance and music style of all times.