Music of Latin America

The local music flavor remains deeply ingrained in people’s hearts in Latin America. You rarely find the local stations playing music that is not from there. The people around associate their music with the radical cultural and ethnic beliefs that they have. The crowds that turn up during concerts with artists performing local music end up being unmanageable at times just because of the passion the people have for their music.

Latin music is region specific. This means that argentines won’t enjoy music from Ecuador just like Mexicans don’t want to listen to music from Argentina. Here are the type of music plaid in different parts of Latin America with their descriptions.



Zamba is the most common traditional Latin music listened t and danced to in this area besides Tango. Chile and Argentina all listen to the same type of music. Bombo leguero is the drum use produce beats for this song, together with guitars. In Argentina and Uruguay, there exists musical theaters called Murga where people meet during festivals.



Frevo and Maracatu are just but a few of the Latin American songs popular in Brazil. Sertaneja and Choro are however the most common music in the area having been played for over a century. Choro came to existence in the early 19th century but its popularity faded away in the mid part of the century. It however came back with a bang and has been known to be played all over Brazil currently. The instruments commonly used are flutes, cavaquinhos and guitars. The Sertaneja has a country music feel and doesn’t play anywhere else apart from Brazil.



Anyone who has been to Mexico wouldn’t get out of there without listening to Ranchera music. It is heavily associated with the culture of the people there and is easy to play as all one needs is a guitar. The Mexican son is also a common music style in Latin America and has been named so as it draws it roots from Mexico. It wasn’t a definite known sounds but a combination of various music styles to form amazing tunes.



The Musica Llanera is the music style that covers the atmosphere in Colombia and some parts of Venezuela. The music is played using a combination of many instruments including Harps, the cuarto (a string instrument), and a maracas. Its theme is based on the country life that people around these areas live.



The country forms an integral part when it comes to traditional Latin America music. What is common to people as salsa is actually Cuba Son. Its origin is in the country side of Cuba and the music was played using claves and guitars. This together with Danzon, are the main music styles in the country. Dazon sounds like European music fused with African beats. Danzon is that Cubans mostly love.

Traditional Latin music is a wide genre of sounds that anyone who is interested in studying may love. As you may have seen by now, it is rich with culture and may be the one thing that unites Latin Americans.